Food Grade

Guar gum is an essential ingredient of good food products, which is one of the best natural thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing additives and used in Bakery products, Beverages, Canned foods, Confectionery, Cheese, Dairy products, Gravies and Soups, Ice creams, Ketchups, Mayonnaise, Noodles and Pharmaceuticals.

Ice Cream & Dairy Products

  • Provides smooth and creamier texture.
  • Prevents formation of ice crystals.
  • Prevents quick meltdown.
  • As a stabilizer & binder.

Soups & Gravies

  • As a viscosifier.
  • Increases shelf-life.
  • As a stabilizer & binder.

Bakery Products

  • Increases shelf life.
  • Improves moisture retention.
  • Better sheet formation.


  • Better sheet formation.
  • Improves moisture retention.
  • Improves texture.
  • Improves machine runnability,thereby increasing production.

Sauces & Salad preparations

  • Guar gum acts as a water binder in sauces and salad dressings and reduces water and oil separation.


  • Guar gum provides outstanding viscosity control.

Fish Feed and Pet Food

  • Guar gum forms gels and retains moisture, acts as a thickening agent and stabilizer


  • Guar gum is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a gelling, viscosifying, thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying and binding agent. In tablet manufacturing, it is used as a binding agent and in micro-encapsulation of drugs.