Industrial Grade

In Industrial Applications, guar gum is a versatile product with various applications such as Natural thickener, Thickening and sizing agent, Wet-end strength additive, Gelling agent and water barrier, Flocculation aid, Emulsifier, Stabilizer, Hydrocolloid, Fracturing agent and Binder.

Guar gum has important uses in many industries, for example Adhesives, Cosmetics, Fire fighting foams, Liquid soaps, Lotions, Lubricants, Mining, Oil and gas exploration, Paper industry, Shampoos, Textiles, Toiletries and Toothpastes.

Textile Industry

  • Guar gum gives excellent film forming and thickening properties when used for textile sizing, finishing and printing.
  • It improves efficiency in production.

Cosmetics Industry

  • Guar gum is used as a thickener, protective colloid in Skin care products, creams and lotions.
  • Used in toothpaste and shaving cream for easy extruding from the tube.

Metallurgical and Mining Industry

  • Guar gum is widely used as a flocculent to produce liquid solid separation.
  • It is also used in flotation.


  • Guar gum gives denser surface to the paper used for printing.
  • It helps improved writing properties, better bonding strength and increased hardness.
  • Due to improved adhesion, it gives better breaking and folding strengths.
  • Provides increased sheet formation, fold strength, tensile strength and improved finishing in the paper industry

In Oil Field Applications

  • Guar gum is used in oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling and shale gas fracturing.
  • It is used as drilling aids in oil wells and geological and water drilling.
  • It is used as a viscosifier to maintain drilling mud viscosities.
  • It reduces friction in the well holes and minimizes power requirements.
  • Used for mud formulations, enhanced oil recovery, polymer flooding, well treatment, lost circulation and plugging.
  • Provides better flow for Oil and Gas recovery