Poultry and Cattle Feed

In Industrial Applications, guar gum is a versatile product with various applications such as Natural thickener, Thickening and sizing agent, Wet-end strength additive, Gelling agent and water barrier, Flocculation aid, Emulsifier, Stabilizer, Hydrocolloid, Fracturing agent and Binder.

Guar gum has important uses in many industries, for example Adhesives, Cosmetics, Fire fighting foams, Liquid soaps, Lotions, Lubricants, Mining, Oil and gas exploration, Paper industry, Shampoos, Textiles, Toiletries and Toothpastes.

Poultry Feed

  • Toasted guar meal is used as asource of protein in the poultry feed.

Cattle Feed

  • Raw guar meal is used as a source of protein in the cattle feed.